90,000 Secret CIA Files on Telepathy, Clairvoyance and MK-ULTRA Public

Tales from the Conspiratum

Source: 90,000 Secret CIA Files on Telepathy, Clairvoyance and MK-ULTRA Public | Humans Are Free


by Heathcliff

July 15, 2016

Tens of thousands of secret CIA files were made public after years of wrangling. These include more than 12,000 documents about the Stargate program, a research into remote viewing, which the intelligence service secretly conducted.

In the early seventies, the CIA supported a program to examine a form of extrasensory perception called remote viewing utility could be useful for intelligence gathering.

US military intelligence service DIA labeled this program the Stargate. They tried to figure out what other countries did on clairvoyance. In addition, research was done to clairvoyance and psychics were used by the government.

Clairvoyance Clearly Demonstrated

The Psychics were educated on remote viewing, precognition (seeing the future) and telepathy. They had to include information on targets that could not be approached in a conventional manner.


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Attack of the “stakeholders”…The Corporate Coup that overthrew what was left of the Republic

The PPJ Gazette

new-logo251_002IMG_20160423_144516-2Marti Oakley



Everything we do is said to be a “contract”, from simply buying a cup of coffee to purchasing access to the federal government. It is necessary to view every possible action we may undertake in our daily lives as being some form of contract, no matter how idiotic the example, in order for us to accept that our government itself is one big corporate contracting monstrosity that has less to do with governing the country constitutionally, than it does as a fiduciary profiteer. Key to that profiteering is privatization of what are to be tasks and services performed by the government. Simply put, creating and/or empowering a contracting corporation to perform tasks and services the government is prohibited from engaging in outside of the the enumerated powers in the Constitution.

Interested Stakeholders

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No money for the NHS? Leaks show the Tories are set to overspend by £150 BILLION on HS2 : Evolve Politics.


Back in the days before everything had an ‘i’ in front of it one of the things that kids begged Santa for was a train set.  They usually came with a length of circular track and you set your little locomotive on it and watched it go round and round and round to your heart’s content.  It was one of those things that you were excited about on Christmas morning but bored with by Boxing Day.

I wonder if David Cameron ever had a train set when he was a child.  I’d imagine him as more interested in playing with a toy bank set that his financier father may have bought him.  Probably one with the secret compartments hidden under the game board where you could stash secret piles of monopoly money and later claim you had no idea anything was in there.  Teach your children well, as the saying…

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Privacy will not exist in 10 years, Pew survey of tech experts says


(Image credit: Yuri Samoilov/Flickr)

(Image credit: Yuri Samoilov/Flickr)

By End the Lie

A Pew Research Center survey of over 2,500 technology industry professionals and experts found that over half believe there will not be a “secure, popularly accepted and trusted privacy-rights infrastructure” in place in 10 years.

Read more: “US treating Sony hack as ‘serious national security matter,’ considering response” and “At least 185 kidnapped in Nigeria by suspected Boko Haram militants

The “Future of Privacy” survey found that 55 percent of the 2,511 experts polled do not agree that there will be a system in place allowing people to decide how their information will be shared while also letting companies make money, according to Top Tech News.

This comes as some have claimed that privacy is dead and has been for quite a while. Others are claiming that the public should just accept the lack of privacy as…

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“City Erects Prison Camp Around Homeless”: Controlling Desperate People As Harsh Economic Times Hit

Tales from the Conspiratum

The City of Santa Ana, CA has come up with an innovative and despotic way of keeping their homeless population in check — imprison them.

Source: “City Erects Prison Camp Around Homeless”: Controlling Desperate People As Harsh Economic Times Hit


The Free Thought Project

Matt Agorist
February 16th, 2017


Editor’s Comment: There are two major problems that come to mind – one, the level of homelessness, poverty and idle populations in California and across the country, and the divided world between the 1% and the struggling 99% is coming to a head. Economically, things are very close to the brink, and there are far too many people who’ve given up at the individual level. This crisis has given the impetus for cities like Santa Ana to take drastic action.

The other side of the coin, is that if they can do this to homeless vagrants, and out of work…

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Tele Sur TV: European Parliament Approves Massive ‘Undemocratic’ Trade Deal

Alfred de Zayas' Human Rights Corner

Link: http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/European-Parliament-Approves-Massive-Undemocratic-Trade-Deal-20170215-0003.html

The controversial CETA trade deal between Canada and the EU revives a mechanism which allows corporations to sue governments for passing regulations.

Despite seven years of massive grassroots mobilization and a petition with over 3.5 million signatures, the European Parliament voted to approve the highly controversial Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the European Union and Canada.

Over 700 activists surrounded the EU parliament building in Strasbourg, France, forcing a delay of the vote as parliament members had to be escorted past those protesting a trade deal which revives the controversial investor-state dispute settlement process which allows corporations to sue governments for passing any regulation perceived to reduce profits.

It was this provision, among others, which helped galvanize the successful opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and almost scuttled the CETA deal itself when the small Belgian region of Wallonia stalled on approving the deal back in October.


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Critique of the ‘Origins of Happiness’ study. Psychologists Against Austerity respond

Politics and Insights

PAA-550x369Clinical psychologists have widely criticised Labour peer and economist, Richard Layard, over research he led that claims failed relationships and physical and mental illness were bigger causes of misery than poverty. 

“Happiness scholars” and authors of the study report, Andrew Clark, Sarah Fleche, Richard Layard, Nattavudh Powdthavee and George Wardsay:

“Understanding the key determinants of people’s life satisfaction will suggest policies for how best to reduce misery and promote wellbeing. This column discusses evidence from survey data on Australia, Britain, Germany, and the US which indicate that the things that matter most are people’s social relationships and their mental and physical health; and that the best predictor of an adult’s life satisfaction is their emotional health as a child.”

In the their study, the Origins of Happiness, the authors call for a new focus for public policy: not ‘wealth creation’ but ‘wellbeing creation.'”

The authors say:

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Supermarkets pay workers so little the government has to chip in £11bn a year


Taxpayers are forking out £11bn a year to ‘subsidise’ supermarkets such as Tesco which don’t pay workers enough – so they have their wages ‘topped up’ with benefits and tax credits, according to a charity.

Five firms alone (Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys, Morrisons and Next) are subsidised by £1 billion a year – despite making a profit in the UK, according to calculations by charity Citizens UK.

In total, the Treasury pays out £11 billion a year in benefits and tax credits to the 22% of the UK workforce who are paid less than the living wage, the charity claims.

A similar scandal in America earlier this year led to mega-retailer Walmart raising its wages for starting employees.

The current minimum wage stands at £6.50 an hour for those over 21 – and Citizens UK campaigns for workers to be paid the higher ‘Living Wage’ of £7.85 an hour, which it claims allows…

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