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Benefit freezes are leading to skyrocketing rates of homelessness

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New data analysis has revealed the scale of housing problems for people already on benefits. The Guardian said the local housing allowance (LHA) no longer covers the lowest rents available across much of the country. As a result, rates of homelessness are “skyrocketing”. 

Devastating impact of cuts

Councils use the LHA to set how much housing benefit or Universal Credit people get if renting from a private landlord. Yet London Councils, which represents borough councils and the City of London, said on 8 July, that “only between 0 and 15 per cent of private sector rents across the capital are covered by LHA rates”. In some areas, such as Outer South West London, LHA doesn’t cover any available housing at all. It went on to say that those claiming the allowance – and who are able to rent -face an average weekly shortfall of £50.71. People are making up…

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Dodgy facial recognition in Detroit, USA

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This 9 July 2019 video from the USA is called Criticism mounts over Detroit Police Department’s facial recognition software.

By Kevin Reed in the USA:

Building the infrastructure of a police state

Detroit’s facial recognition surveillance system exposed

9 July 2019

The Detroit Board of Police Commissioners decided on June 29 to postpone a vote on the expansion of its use of camera and facial recognition technology amid growing public outrage over the system that has been in place since 2016.

The decision to delay the vote followed a report the previous day in the Detroit Metro Times that the core surveillance technology—which is scanning and recording the activity of everyone in the city within sight of its extensive camera network at all times—was purchased for $1 million and installed without any public review or discussion let alone a vote of the Detroit City Council or the Police Commission.


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Homes unfit for Heroes as ‘social’ landlords routinely operate No DSS — Speye Joe


Did you know that social housing bedrooms today are typically 20% smaller than the absolute minimum 65 square feet they were 100 years ago when the Addison Act – aka the Homes fit for Heroes returning from the First World War – began? Children have been evicted because the bedroom tax has been levied on […]

via Homes unfit for Heroes as ‘social’ landlords routinely operate No DSS — Speye Joe

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Saudi women oppressed with Pentagon, Google help

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This 8 March 2019 video says about itself:

Why are so many women fleeing Saudi Arabia? | DW Stories

Saudi women are fleeing the kingdom in droves. Our interview partner Manal al-Sharif escaped the stict rule of the Saudi Arabian guardian system, and she has a piece of advice for other women: “Do not talk, do not breathe!”

Manal al-Sharif is a women’s rights activist and also a columnist for Washington Post, like Jamal Khashoggi. The murder of Jamal Khashoggi put fear into Saudi dissidents living abroad. Al-Sharif says officials in the kingdom are sending a clear message that they can find opposition voices wherever they are.

From the (conservative) Daily Mail in Britain:

Saudi Arabia is tracking down women who flee the country using mobile phones’ IMEI numbers, women’s activist reveals

Two women told how Saudi security services demanded to see their phone IMEI

Women fled…

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“The Health Gap” Michael Marmot

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This one’s for you if… you’re interested (or still needing convinced) of the social determinants of health.

Sir Michael Marmot describes himself as an evidence based optimist (for anyone who doesn’t know he is also a professor in public health). And this book is certainly full of evidence. Evidence for how poor working conditions affect your health. How control over your life and your work is a crucial difference between the worst off and the well off. Evidence that the social gradient isn’t just responsible for the difference between the health of the poorest and the wealthiest but for the differences between everyone along the spectrum. Evidence that it is not enough that everyone knows that exercise is good for you, that smoking and unhealthy food is bad for you while ignoring the factors that create a gradient among this universal knowledge.

As for the optimist part, this book ignites…

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