Survey finds the American Workplace is toxic

A survey by a market research group has found that about half of American workers – 77 million people – are affected by workplace bullying. 252 more words

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Jacob’s Ladder


Film Title

Jacob’s Ladder


Adrian Lyne


  • Tim Robbins as Jacob Singer
  • Elizabeth Peña as Jezzie
  • Danny Aiello as Louis Denardo
  • Matt Craven as Michael Newman

A Vietnam vet’s tortured existence that blurs between reality and visions is captured in horrifying detail in Jacob’s Ladder, directed with creepy certainty by Adrian Lyne and anchored by a powerful turn from Tim Robbins. This is a film that will stay with you for a long time not just due to the haunting, disturbing story and bizarre visuals, but for its harrowing emotion rare in a horror film.

Jacob Singer is a Vietnam vet who after the war is now working as a postal worker in New York City. Jacob's Ladder PosterAlthough now living with his seductive girlfriend Jezzie following a divorce from his first wife Sarah, Jacob is also mourning the death of his young son and recalling a terrifying an experience during the…

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The Men Who Stare at Goats (the book, not the movie)

The Religiously Sanctioned Co-Habitation Chronicles

A couple months ago, I watched the movie The Men Who Stare at Goats. It’s a decent movie, definitely with its funny moments and with its flaws. This inspired me to read the book, since I love conspiracy theories and really whacked-out journalistic research and history.

It's funny because it's true?

Jon Ronson writes brilliantly, the book moving quickly from one subject to the next. He manages to weave a coherent, lucid narrative of his travels down the rabbit hole into the bizarre heart of the U.S. intelligence and psych operations community. What starts as a humorous, oddball story of the intelligence community investing in psychics and trying to train soldiers into super warrior monk Jedi who could slay goats simply by staring at them quickly spirals out of control into the dark, murky waters known as today’s War on Terror. The book sucks you into the lurid, horrifying details, from the disgusting atrocities…

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Leaked files reveal Carillion’s payments to blacklisting agency. And far more.


Construction giant Carillion spectacularly crashed, leaving thousands of workers and hundreds of sub-contractors facing an uncertain future. But the company has also wrecked lives through blacklisting. Now leaked files, seen by The Canary, provide an insight into the extent of that blacklisting.

Though this is only the tip of the iceberg.

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How the Establishment Undermines American Democracy

Tales from the Conspiratum

How the Establishment Undermines American Democracy

How the Establishment Undermines American Democracy

In the War Between Intelligence and the White House, Truth Is the First Casualty

There is a growing consensus among many observers in Washington that the national security agencies have become completely politicized over the past seventeen years and are now pursuing selfish agendas that actually endanger what remains of American democracy. Up until recently it has been habitual to refer to such activity as the Deep State, which is perhaps equivalent to the Establishment in that it includes financial services, the media, major foundations…

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Is the CIA So Bad that Even When It Tells the Truth It Adds-In Lies?

Tales from the Conspiratum
Feb 24, 2018
Is the CIA So Bad that Even When It Tells the Truth It Adds-In Lies?

Is the CIA So Bad that Even When It Tells the Truth It Adds-In Lies?

On Sunday, February 17th, I was surprised to see in the reliably neoconservative newspaper, New York Times, an ‘opinion’-article headlined with the distinctively non-neoconservative title, “Russia Isn’t the Only One Meddling in Elections. We Do It, Too.” But, then, I got to the neocon core, in the article itself: 

But in recent decades, both Mr. Hall and Mr. Johnson argued, Russian and American interferences in elections have not been morally equivalent. American interventions have generally been aimed at helping non-authoritarian candidates challenge dictators or otherwise promoting democracy. Russia has more often intervened to disrupt democracy or promote authoritarian rule, they said.

Equating the two, Mr. Hall says, “is like saying cops and bad guys are the same because they both have guns — the motivation matters.”

That’s just a typical neocon lie — reality turned upside-down, black-is-white and white-is-black.

When the CIA hired…

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Where Corruption is Raging Around the World

On Wednesday, Transparency International released its 2017 Corruption Perceptions Index which measured perceived public sector corruption in 180 countries and territories on a scale of 0 to 100. As Statista’s Niall McCarthy notes, the research found that most countries across the world are making little or no progress in ending corruption. The ones scoring close to 100 are successfully […]

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The new road to serfdom

If you are not a member of the gilded elite this is the economic equation within which you live:-

WAGES               COST OF LIVING           TAXES


Taxes increase, not decrease.  Taxes extend over more areas.  Since 2007 taxes have greatly increased.


Cost of living constantly increases.  Since 2007 the cost of living has shot up.


Since 2007 wages have been frozen, reduced via inflation or cut,  and people have been required to work harder for less money.

The equation we are all living in is increased cost of living, principally housing costs and  increased taxes, while wages have decreased.

There have been no constraints on increases in cost of living and taxes but there has been severe constraints on incomes.

Taxes go up, living costs go up, but wages go down.

There is no sign that our political establishment have any interest in altering the above formula, such as enabling wages to rise, while holding down taxes and cost of living, so we can expect that the trend will continue.

Our political class have no interest in even talking about this situation which impacts to a greater or lesser extent on everyone (bar the elite) in the country.  Their most important issue appears to be transgender rights.

Wholesale systematic economic oppression is being practised against all of us, and it is being ignored by the politicians and mainstream media.

What is their real agenda? Clearly not representing the interests of the people of this country.

On a parallel course our rights as citizens are being salami-sliced away on the back of fake issues while real issues are ignored.

When we have been rendered destitute we will have no basis left on which to protest.  We can be silenced on concocted charges of “hate crimes”.

For the moment we are citizens, but if these trends continue, not for much longer.  We are sleep walking into serfdom.