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6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and reblogging my poem.

  2. Thank you very much for
    “A consiracy therory that makes sense” https://taknbsorbemwon5.wordpress.com/2014/06/10/a-conspiracy-theory-that-makes-sense/

    Do you know McCLAUGHRY´sBlog /
    “Scientology Roots Chapter Twenty One The First Scientologists and Their Masters”?


  3. Tales from the Lou is now here: https://talesfromtheloublog.wordpress.com/

    • Yes, very good article and she covers a huge amount of ground which stimulates a lot of thought in a lot of different directions.
      My feeling on reading the whole article was the issue of scale seems significant. We seem to have fallen for the business? mantra that bigger is always better. Businesses love more customers, but customers don’t love longer queues and having to make appointments months in advance. The promotion of the mass market hugely empowers that tiny section of society who control most of the essential resources, but mass markets disempower the customer. I discovered this when I lived in London. Prices were the highest possible for often mediocre and unreliable service. Why – because there would be another millions mugs along any minute. Another slant on the million useful idiots theme. When organisations, including political ones become too large, the populace is disempowered. When people feel the political establishment, whatever it is, is unresponsive they turn to desperate measures, which are often political opportunists and charlatans who offer their snake oil cure.
      Good article. It has given me lots to think about. It is also a good reference. Thanks.

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