The Chinese “Social Credit” system employs nearly total
surveillance, censorship and informers to maintain individual accounts for each
citizen. A low score can prevent travel or desirable employment or worse. The monitoring
uses GPS, facial recognition, internet activity, cell phone tracking and the
informers to keep the accounts up to date. Big Brother has arrived in China and
by 2024 is expected to include everyone. Well, every ordinary citizen. The
primary evils of such a system are its unavoidable arbitrariness and its
inherent corruption: higher scores bought with bribes or influence and lower
scores used to punish or coerce the innocent. Plus too many live in fear.

In the United States, the same sort
of system is taking shape from multiple directions. Facebook, You Tube, Twitter
et al now censor internet posts and close offending accounts. The TSA stops and
searches travelers, confiscating certain goods and denying travel to selected

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