Until recently there were two sexes in the world.  Men and women.  Men rule and women obey.  Now there is an input of new women.  Welcome our transgender sisters.  Perhaps this infusion of new blood is what we have all been waiting for.

Consider the facts.  Women are approximately fifty per cent of the human population.  Men hold most of the wealth.  Men commit most of the violent crimes. Women are the poorest people.  The most exploited.  Along with children the majority of victims.  Despite not being a minority, being half of the population.  Despite being in the world for the same length of time as men, this huge adult component have failed to solve the problems caused by being a woman, a great many of these problems caused by men or exacerbated by men.

In order to help women not cope with their situation, we have social conditioning on top.  Gender stereotypes.  Men are strong, aggressive, often irrationally violent, but that leads to social dominance.  They are autonomous, stand up for themselves, defend their interests vigorously individually and collectively.  They are practical, seeking solutions to problems as opposed to endlessly talking about them, the women’s way.  Men are active.

Women are passive, individually and collectively.  Ignoring the huge problems they face and world issues they are obsessed with trivia.  Does my bum look big/not big enough in this?  Infant girls are encouraged to be nice, not make a fuss, be compliant.  Not stand up for themselves as that is unfeminine.  Women are supposed to look after everybody else at their own expense and never complain.  Being assertive is unfeminine.

One glance at the gender stereotypes what comes across  loud and clear. Men are socialized for success, and women are socialized to fail.  A feminine woman embraces self-defeating qualities which undermine her own success individually and collectively.  Women are socialized to lose.  This is the essence of femininity.  Self sacrifice.  Compliance.  Obedience and deference to authority.  You know, the same qualities slave owners want in slaves.

But not the new women.  This is what women have been waiting for, for thousands of years.  Transwomen who can show the rest of us what we have been doing wrong and the road to success.

No-one knows how many transgenders there are in society.  At present the best estimate appears to be about 1%.  One per cent!  Had anyone heard of transgenders in all of human history until about 20 years ago?  Yet look at what they have achieved.  Unlike fifty per cent of the human race, the women’s half who throughout all of history and in most if not every place in the world today who still manage to be second class, or even tenth class or slave class, transgender women have achieved what “normal” women have failed to do – ever.  Even our slightly more successful, recent, and commonly derided feminists.  Transgender women have put themselves at the top of the political agenda, got the law on their side, and put their opponents in fear of speaking out at risk of losing their jobs, being criminalised, or threat of violence.

In short, transgender women have exposed what women have been doing wrong all along, and continue to do wrong which is the reason women are still second class citizens and universally exploited.  And this is where “normal” women have got it wrong but transgender women have got it right.  The facts speak for themselves.

Feminine stereotype – compliance.  When women are oppressed, they accept the situation peacefully, passively.  This signals to their oppressors go ahead.  Women are a free ride. Do what you want to them you will rarely suffer any bad consequences.  It is unfeminine for a woman to stand up for herself, to be assertive, certainly to be aggressive – these are all male qualities.  Every time a transgender has her rights impinged, however tiny the affront she makes a monumental fuss.  She draws attention to the situation.  She makes a mountain out of a mole hill.  She turns the personal into political and legal.  This is what women should be doing.  In face of the monumental, widespread, and huge assaults on women world-wide, slave prostitution, underpaid work, denial of the right to work, FGM, rape, stalking, sexual harassment, personal sexual insults, demeaning treatment, social exclusion, all and every one of these should have the woman concerned out on the streets protesting, challenging authority,  political lobbying, pressurizing MPs, using every organisation and social body to get on side to forward and protect her interests.  No affront should be so trivial that the woman should not make a huge fuss over it.

If 1% of women can bring such a radical change in their rights, social position and social attitudes in less than 20 years, clearly they are doing something right and the rest of us are doing something wrong.

Militant transgenders challenge everyone.  They pressurize the law, charitable bodies, youth movements, religions, the political class to assert their rights against authority at every opportunity.  They are not deferential to authority.  They do not put anybody elses rights above their own.  They disregard every political, religious, legal, academic, socially conventional position to put themselves first – they have done this and they have won.  And they are only 1% of the population.  What could fifty per cent of the population achieve if they adopted the same tactics?

To my transgender sisters I say welcome.  Thank you.  Women have been losing throughout all of history.  Thank you for showing us the methods to follow to achieve full equality.


There are numerous transgender sites on the net giving the methods for obtaining your rights in the face of a society which is prejudiced against you.  These methods have been proved by their results to work.