Tales of Unwise Paths

The Controller lifted the  embossed leather bound copy of Sun Tzu “Art of War” from the book shelf  and idly flicked the pages.  His eye was caught by the section on types of spy and the phrase expendable spies leapt out at him.  He smiled.  Espionage had moved on since Sun’s day.  At some stage a military mind had noted that it was not necessary to recruit a spy to become an expendable spy.  After all, no one with a grain of intelligence  would consent to be recruited if they knew how they were to be used.  But expendable spies were needed.  As bait. To draw out the opposition. The solution was to use any handy low status member of the public who just happened to be in the right position. Perfect bait. Criminal minds soon develop a sixth sense  for secret police penetration but an ordinary mug Joe or Jill Public raises…

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