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A woman’s place is in the wrong”

No human being is infallible.  Agree? So it is a bit unreasonable to require a standard of infallibility from anyone.  We all make mistakes.

Even women aren’t infallible.  They are only human.  They make mistakes.  And often society punishes them severely for those mistakes. No leniency. No margin for error.  Circumstances not taken into account.

A tough standard, eh?

But for women it doesn’t stop there. Women also get the blame and are punished for men’s mistakes. Men whose behaviour they cannot control.

And further, women are blamed and held responsible for their children’s mistakes, childhood being the state where all of us are most error-prone.

There you have it.  Women.  The universal scapegoat.


What’s the difference between being a woman and being a slave?

  • Run all the risks: Do all the work: Get none of the rewards:
  • Get all the blame.