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According to the Worldwatch Institute, an environmental think tank, the Earth has 1.9 hectares of land per person for growing food and textiles for clothing, supplying wood and absorbing waste. The average American uses about 9.7 hectares.

These data alone suggest the Earth can support at most one-fifth of the present population, 1.5 billion people, at an American standard of living.

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Commentary by The Secular Jurist:  The current world population is roughly 7.6 billion, over five times the maximum number sustainable by Earth’s limited natural resources.  A human population greater than 1.5 billion is theoretically sustainable if living standards are reduced, but such an alternative would be logistically impractical and politically dangerous as evidenced by the populist backlash against austerity measures throughout western democracies.  So, there are at least 6 billion people…

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