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Gandhi (1982) directed by Richard Attenborough

When I first saw “Gandhi” during the summer of last year the previous feature film I had experienced the day before was Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises“. I concluded that the final chapter in his tour-de-force Batman trilogy ended satisfactorily but was emotionally unfulfilling. Its characters were interesting on certain surfaces but lacked the same level of emotional involvement and raw intensity that the script and cast of “The DarkKnight” (2008) had achieved previously. Where Nolan might have failed with his grandiose epic Richard Attenborough scaled and achieved the greatest heights of success with his 1982 biopic “Gandhi“.

Everything and the kitchen sink was thrown into this extremely large-scale yet inquisitively personal epic. The story of Gandhi’s life is told as he first entered into the world of law in South Africa, where he quickly becomes an easy target for…

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