The Secular Jurist

By Robert A. Vella

In the U.S. over the last eight years or so, critics of Republican voter id plans asked the following question:

Why do you want new voter id requirements?

The question was typically answered by Republicans with vague claims about “massive voter fraud” favoring Democrats.  Those claims elicited numerous electoral studies which showed voter fraud to be statistically irrelevant (See:  Myth of Voter Fraud).  Furthermore, Republican politicians have been caught on several occasions admitting their true motives for pursuing new voter id laws and other policies designed to suppress voter turnout in a targeted, discriminatory manner (See:  Some Republicans Acknowledge Leveraging Voter ID Laws for Political Gain).

Now, the same tactics are being pursued in the U.K. where the Tories (i.e. conservatives) are facing a mounting backlash over the Brexit fallout as well as the painful consequences of their aggressive austerity policies.

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