Govt Newspeak

“Heartbreaking,” the home secretary calls the Windrush cases. To a mother whose son died in fear of unjust deportation, or a man denied urgent cancer treatment, “heartbreaking” is the right word. But Theresa May’s “sorry for any anxiety that has been caused” better reflects this government’s heart.

 Boris Johnson doesn’t care about Windrush – only about himself – YOU THINK!

Amber Rudd, in her car-crash replies to Yvette Cooper’s forensic questioning on Wednesday, was forced to admit that she had a target for removals: this year it is 12,000 people. Today’s official line from Matt Hancock, the all-purpose Today programme minister, is: “It has never been Home Office policy to take decisions arbitrarily to meet the target.” But from inside the Home Office comes evidence that…

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