Tales from the Conspiratum

Image result for slavery Slavery and the slave trade in Africa (1893)

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UPDATE: Readers have identified the movie in the broken link. It is Cecil B. DeMille’s “Unconquered” starring Gary Cooper and Paulette Goddard. Here is the scene of the sentence of slavery: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=you+tubethe+movie+%22Unconquered%22+with+Gary+Cooper&view=detail&mid=A160BA8BAB4735DE134CA160BA8BAB4735DE134C&FORM=VIRE

UPDATE: The link to the movie in this column was operative when I posted the column, but has ceased to work since I posted. The movie opens with the starring actress, a beautiful redhead, being sentence to the gallows in an English court in the 1700s. A press gang had seized her brother. In a fight that ensued a royal officer along with the brother were killed. As she was present and apparently part of the fight, she is sentenced to death on the gallows. She protests and the judge says it is in his power to…

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