If you are not a member of the gilded elite this is the economic equation within which you live:-

WAGES               COST OF LIVING           TAXES


Taxes increase, not decrease.  Taxes extend over more areas.  Since 2007 taxes have greatly increased.


Cost of living constantly increases.  Since 2007 the cost of living has shot up.


Since 2007 wages have been frozen, reduced via inflation or cut,  and people have been required to work harder for less money.

The equation we are all living in is increased cost of living, principally housing costs and  increased taxes, while wages have decreased.

There have been no constraints on increases in cost of living and taxes but there has been severe constraints on incomes.

Taxes go up, living costs go up, but wages go down.

There is no sign that our political establishment have any interest in altering the above formula, such as enabling wages to rise, while holding down taxes and cost of living, so we can expect that the trend will continue.

Our political class have no interest in even talking about this situation which impacts to a greater or lesser extent on everyone (bar the elite) in the country.  Their most important issue appears to be transgender rights.

Wholesale systematic economic oppression is being practised against all of us, and it is being ignored by the politicians and mainstream media.

What is their real agenda? Clearly not representing the interests of the people of this country.

On a parallel course our rights as citizens are being salami-sliced away on the back of fake issues while real issues are ignored.

When we have been rendered destitute we will have no basis left on which to protest.  We can be silenced on concocted charges of “hate crimes”.

For the moment we are citizens, but if these trends continue, not for much longer.  We are sleep walking into serfdom.