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Biometrics,” Smart Cards”, cell phone tracking, Echelon, Project Megiddo, DARE. . .

“The message is clear: Americans must spy on each other, reporting all signs of suspicious activity or aberrant behavior to the authorities. And if the people won’t tattle, the government will monitor their every waking moment anyway”  –Jim Redding SNITCH CULTURE

Jim Redden, an award-winning reporter wrote the book  SNITCH CULTURE Snitch Culture: How Citizens Are Turned Into the Eyes and Ears of the State back in 2000. What he knew then is just now dawning on many Americans today.  Technology gives those in power the ability to monitor our lives, every transaction, communication, every trip we take.

“Seamless global surveillance is the ultimate goal” writes Redding.

One decade after this important book was released we will speak with the author of SNITCH CULTURE and get his thoughts on the fast forwarding of the virtual Panopticon that he…

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