Found “returnofdaking”s poems while looking for something else. I love poetry, but his poems are not only beautiful, they made me shiver.


sunlight reflected on the shimmering water

rolling stones gather no moss

just slip into new dawn

ripples on the pool of life


time to sing a new song

a new beginning for life

whatever that entails


they say the darkest hour is 

just before the dawn.

got trouble discerning day and night

in an upside down world


manmade destruction

within and without

sources beauty there too

if try seek it out


wounded healers arising

standing heel to toe

still so alone

a loan of the invisibles

these muthafuckahs want give me back soon

or i breaking out

and im taking mi peeps

trying to desensitise 

take it on the chin


still keep compassion within

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