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In his follow-up to 2012’s Chavs, The Establishment sees Owen Jones perform an incisive dissection of what he terms Britain’s ‘Establishment’. His findings are deeply alarming, as he unveils a nauseating image of a Britain in a state of decomposition on its deathbed, the hungry, gleeful worms of the elite revelling in a State that is on its knees. By the end of this book, Jones is forced to declare that this Establishment “has curtailed and trimmed British democracy, ensuring Britain is a country rigged in favour of a tiny, self-aggrandizing elite. And until that changes, democracy is Britain will be imperilled” (p.193). Yet perhaps the most admirable section of this provocative book is its conclusion; here, Jones takes a break from detailing the gross injustices eating away at the heart of Britain to propose sensible and practical steps for positive social change. Weeks before Russell Brand’s infamously titled…

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