Tales from the Conspiratum

“The remnants of American democracy are under daily assault from voter suppression and purges, billionaire-owned judges and politicians, billionaire-friendly tax and trade policies, and a billionaire-owned media.  Income and wealth inequality are at levels not seen since 1929, but you won’t hear a peep about it on the network news.”

Source: America’s TV Media Crisis Goes Far Beyond Covering Trump: We Simply Aren’t Hearing About the Most Pressing Issues of Our Time | Alternet


If the media really wants to fight Trump, they can start by reporting on climate change and inequality.


America has a “lying press” problem.  And it’s not the “enemy of the people” situation our president has asserted.

Consider the biggest threats America faces right now.  

Abrupt climate change is happening around the world as a result of our use of fossil fuels. France 24 reported

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