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Ghandi’s “Swadeshi”, or local self-sufficiency, seems to be a philosophy that supports  liberal ideals. If specialist Hospitals are seen as a form of “mass production” then the local District General Hospital (DGH) represents the “local artisans” as described by Satish Kumar. (and in The economics of performance – chapter 35, p 418 in “The Case Against the Global Economy”). The problem is the increased mortality and morbidity associated with rural DGHs for complex problems at the edge of technology. There is a choice between having services locally, but with poorer results, or having them centrally with better results, but problems of transportation, inconvenience and access. Why not involve patients in this debate? After all, we consulted citizens on the complexity of the EU….

…Central to Gandhi’s philosophy was the principle of ‘Swadeshi’, which, in effect, means local self-sufficiency. Satish Kumar elaborates on this important concept. Kumar is a Gandhian…

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