The Secular Jurist

By Robert A. Vella

When I was a teenager in the San Francisco Bay area, The Free Huey movement captured the attention of many young Americans like myself who were disillusioned by the Vietnam War, racial injustice, and an increasingly authoritarian political establishment.  First JFK was assassinated, then Malcolm X, then Martin Luther King Jr., and then Robert F. Kennedy.  All of these men had one thing in common, they each – in their own way – attempted to change America to be a more just and equitable nation.  But, those with vested interests in keeping America unjust and inequitable resisted – often using clandestine and brutal means.

If you don’t believe these four assassinations – and many more – were connected at some level, you obviously weren’t there.  I was, and that connection forever defined America from the 1960s onwards.

“Free Huey” referred to the populist movement demanding officialdom…

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