The Secular Jurist

By Robert A. Vella

In this disturbingly messed-up world we’re living in today, it is easy and natural for us to pick sides in disputes between powerful entities and players.  We do this because we’re desperate to look for good guys who will confront the myriad and growing forces of evil which surround us.  But, let me uncomfortably enlighten you.  There are no “good guys,” nor agents of evil, in positions of power or anywhere else, only various kinds of actors performing various roles which all serve predetermined and often competing agendas.

No one speaks about this better than the widely-despised journalist Glenn Greenwald.  In the following Democracy Now! articles, Greenwald explains America’s powerful intelligence community (the “Deep State” in his words, and the “Shadow Government” in mine), its bitter feud with irreverent President Trump over his relationship with Russia, and why the Democratic Party is being hypocritical on the…

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