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The Federal Commission for the Stasi Archives – the East German secret police – was born shortly after German reunification. The agency’s employment of ex-Stasi members is fuelling fear that records of its wrongs will be lost in the annals of history.

The commissioner in charge of the agency admitted in a recent interview that 37 ex-Stasi staffers remain.

“There are still 37 of them here. Five [out of an original 48] have been moved on, five have left for age reasons, and one of them has died,” former dissident journalist and current commissioner Roland Jahn told Germany’s Tagesspiegel newspaper on Friday.

He admitted that the issue was harder to resolve than originally anticipated. Under German employment law, public servants can only be moved to “comparable” posts in other state agencies.

“Only alternative jobs are organized in other federal administrations,” he said. “But many employees say, ‘I do…

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