Also worth checking out is the Daily Mail article “Fury as Npower blames smart meters for 15% surge in prices”. The 11billion that it is estimated to cost is going on our bills.


UK Government Says Smart Meters Can Definitely Be Trusted Because GCHQ Designed Their Security

from the oh,-that’s-OK,-then dept

The idea behind smart meters — that detailed information about how you consume electricity will allow you to use power more efficiently and thus cut your bills and your home’s carbon emissions — is a good one in theory. And yet smart meters are still not used very widely, even in countries like the UK, where the government has a strategy to install millions of them by 2020. Actually, the likely savings by users are small, but smart meters also promise to allow the electricity industry to lower salary costs by carrying out meter readings remotely, which is one reason why it is so keen on the idea. Another is because smart meters make it is easy to cut off someone’s supply if they don’t pay their bills.

The slow uptake of…

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