It is one of life’s great mysteries how busybodies exist.

I don’t know about you but throughout my life most of my energy and focus has been absorbed with simply keeping a roof over my head, paying my bills and taxes and keeping food on the table.  Everyone else I knew was in the same boat.  Worked to death at work, then doing a double shift raising their families at home.  Nobody had the spare time or energy to expend on any other business than their own.

But yet, in every environment I have been in, rural, town and city, in every social setting there has always been a category of people who weren’t spending all their time at work, raising their families, and squeezing in a tiny portion of leisure interest where possible.  These people strangely seemed to have no problems sustaining comfortable lifestyles, exempt from work, family or money worries, but yet had no visible means of support.  How did they do it?

Their appearance in social groups was something of a mystery too.  They would appear from nowhere, and once socially engaged had nothing useful to contribute in respect of the problems that everyone has from time to time.  They seemed carefree, endlessly nosy and prying into other people’s business, spreading nasty stories about everyone and anyone, and inciting sexual activity, challenging sexual norms of fidelity, and trusting and loving relationships, at every opportunity.  Their raison d’être appeared to be to instigate extra-marital relationships and introduce competition into established, stable relationships.  Busybodies = troublemakers.

People with endless free time, comfortable lifestyles, no visible means of support, and inserting sex into every situation they have any contact with.

So where does their money come from? Everyone I ever knew worked hard for everything they had.  Money does not grow on trees.  Every child entering adulthood for the first time discovers getting hold of enough money to simply scrape an existence can be a full-time task, involving constant failure requiring going home at regular intervals to beg from the bank of Mum and Dad.  Even people with established incomes find as soon as they start a family there is suddenly no spare time and no spare cash, and balancing the books becomes an ongoing nightmare.

So where do busybodies, not busy in any conventional sense, get their income from? How do they manage to have such easy lives, the life of Riley in fact. And how is it while they proceed on their path of social destruction they are never stigmatised for their behaviour, never socially shunned nor excluded, and continue to somehow retain an unassailable social status, and their vile agenda of marketing sex into the lives of settled people is never exposed as the irresponsible, immoral, sexual anarchy that it is?

Who are these people? Has anyone ever successfully uncovered the real history of a busybody/troublemaker? Where does their money come from?  It clearly does not come from honest employment.