There are seven million temporary and casualised workers in Britain, many of whom are paid the pathetic minimum hourly wage. Just under a million are forced to accept zero hours contracts, offering no guarantee of work. They are ‘Generation Zero’, failed by everyone. This failure is a consequence of anti-union laws and legislation that favours business. And so as we seek to create a post-capitalist, fairer society, a new model by which workers can effectively organise to end injustices may also be needed.

The plight of ‘Generation Zero’ was dramatically illustrated when Channel 4 News broadcast secretly filmed footage, taken inside the massive, fortress-like JD Sports warehouse in Rochdale.

JD Sports warehouse operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with 12 hours shifts as normal. As the video shows, workers are treated like prisoners and even their fingerprints are scanned on arrival and exit for each…

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