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deepstatePeter Van Buren

In this article, Peter uses his 24-year State Department experience to examine the “Deep State” meme  based on his background and using his satirical literary style. Andrew Bacevich, with a military background, rounds out the same theme in this article.

The “Deep State” meme has been kicking around for several decades as more of a ‘consparicy theory’ then it merits.  Both writers bring this idea into the real time of reality not theory. Americans need to understand that these are real forces that are subverting our democracy. With Trump’s election we are faced with a militarized administration cabinet (three-plus generals) and the remainder of appointments billionaires or ideologues who support this reality of the “Deep State” running the country, not the citizenry through their elected representatives. – Ed.

I want to scare the hell out of you.

People talk of the Deep State, a kind of…

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