Fear and loathing in Great Britain


When you stop and think about it, society, civilisation, the growth of human kind, has only been possible because of abundance and that each person, save a few less fortunate who we are perfectly capable of supporting, is capable of producing a great deal more that we individually need to live on.

Without that abundance and ability, we’d all be scratching a mean living from a recalcitrant Earth grudgingly sustaining us at the barest level of survival.

But it isn’t like that at all, though climes differ, but in temperate climes, it is hard work even containing nature. Try leaving your garden alone for a year.

Life has flourished by husbanding the Earth and its resources, though sadly, latterly, abusing it atrociously.

There is nothing mean about this earth we live on, or we just wouldn’t be here, and certainly not in the super abundance of things we’ve produced to…

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