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Greece: General strike kicks off in Athens over austerity cuts

6 May 2016

Greeks kicked off a three day general strike against austerity measures, Friday, with protests hitting Athens, as the government prepares to vote on tax and social security reforms over the weekend.

Thousands of public and private sector union members, leftist groups, feminist organisations, Popular Unity and Antarsya parties’ supporters, All Workers Military Front (PAME) members, and many more marched on the Hellenic Parliament building in Syntagma Square.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Greece: Ferries stay in docks as seamen join day’s strike

Friday 25th November 2016

GREEK ferries suspended their routes to and from the country’s islands yesterday due to a 24-hour seamen’s strike over pension cuts and other EU-dictated austerity measures.

The walkout came as the country’s largest civil servants’ union staged a 24-hour…

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