Red Brick

BY Dermot Mckibbin, Beckenham CLP*

This review was commissioned by the John Healey MP Shadow Secretary of State for Housing though is independent of the Labour Party. Peter Redfern, the Chief  Executive for Taylor Wimpey chaired the review. (click here Redfern Review for more details)

The review reflects John Healey’s  determination to put widening the opportunities for home ownership at the heart of Labour’s approach to housing. It is a signifiant development in the Labour Party’s housing policy for a tenure group that it is often ignored by the Left.

The review takes the view that the fall of home-ownership in England from 71% to 60% frustrates the legitimate desire of most people to own their own home. There have been too many short term initiatives in housing policy. Solutions seeking to improve home ownership without considering the impact on other tenures will be unsuccessful.

The reason for this decline…

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