The reason is obvious.  Because every human being walks away from unpleasantness.

The most inferior, nastiest men create conditions that women avoid, so their methods  concentrate on preventing women  escape.  As men form collectives in shared interests and there are sufficient numbers of really unpleasant men, they habitually combine to create conditions where women have no choice but to put up with them.  In individual relationships they are abusive but collectively they are opposed to women having any social resource which provides protection, sufficient income and independence, giving the women the means  of walking away from abuse and exploitation.

These are the men who are most opposed to women’s equal social status, social respect and equal opportunity. These are the men who are working hard to turn  the clock back to the bad old days when women were easily trapped and had no way to escape.

In many ways growing up in the fifties was a golden age.  Many reflect on this and I don’t need to repeat  it here.  But the downside is glossed over.  Apart from a few professional women who were uncommon as it was a mark of middle class status for women NOT to work, a denigrated state for working class women who had to work to help contribute to their family’s income, few working women could earn a living wage. Their incomes were supplemental and they were financially dependant on their fathers or husbands.

Women were dependant on men for support and their conditions were very much put up and shut up.  If they were being abused within their families, either by their father or husband, there was no escape.  They could not just walk out the door, get a job and be independent.  They could not access the wages to pay the rent.  As a child I remember seeing married women with battered faces.  They had no choice.  This was before battered women’s refuges were established.

I don’t know what it was like in other parts of the world, but when I became a teen in Northern Ireland the childish idyll ended abruptly. It seemed impossible to avoid gropers in any public space.  Walking down the street (is this why North Irish women walk so fast?), on public transport, in cinemas – everywhere.  Men are everywhere, and at that time it seemed that they made good on every opportunity.

The gropers were usually middle-aged and elderly, but the young men walked in packs after you in the street yelling abuse (not compliments). As this was combined with a high level of sexual segregation where you were also routinely cold shouldered by men in normal social settings, the ONLY men you met were the scumbags. A friend at the time asked me – are all men idiots? I replied – only the ones we meet.

When I was 30 I went to England for work and the sexual harassment ceased.  But by then I was sexually turned of white men.  My first boyfriend was Indian.

Incidental? Perhaps not. Irish women are noted for marrying out.  Is this also the case for women coming from other cultures where the men are notably abusive to women? And those cultures are obsessive and fanatical in oppressing women in every context, personal and public, denigrating women individually and collectively and stamping on absolutely everything women try to do to defend themselves, most notably any move in the direction of financial independence and being in control of  who they have sex with.

For these men the enemies are women who seek female equality – feminists, and women who drop out of male oppression via lesbianism.  These men attack women’s financial independence.  They are happy for women to work for nothing or for peanuts but they hate women being able to obtain a living wage. They are opposed to contraception and abortion even to save the life of the mother or in the case of rape. They will attack directly and  indirectly, by infiltration and influence,  any person or any organisation which protects women – charities, churches, medical services, police, political – everything.  No public institution which assists women is exempt. They mock feminists  and denigrate all women at every opportunity.

The attacks are on all fronts and simultaneously, and women are undermined financially, bullied and sexually harassed in education and at work, blocked from promotion, channelled into low paid, dead-end, insecure jobs, abused in the street and any public place, harassed in their homes, and slandered.

You think I am exaggerating?  Is there any woman alive who has not had lies spread about her that she has slept with a man she hasn’t slept with, in order to smear her reputation? That a particular woman is casually called a slut, or the rumour spread that she is a prostitute. All done casually with the mind-set that this is all that women deserve – they only exist to service men sexually.

But attacking the woman’s reputation in this way makes her a magnet for sexual predators setting her up for attack and providing justification if it happens.

The trouble is abuse of women is socially imprinted in our culture, in every culture. All this is background, we pay it little attention. So we hardly notice that mass migration has contained the deliberate agenda to bring into the country men from countries whose cultures are the most despicable in their treatment of women.  Where women are not viewed as having equal worth with men, but only chattels. Attention and reference to this is always drowned out by screams of racism, but in the light of the constant and ongoing assaults on women’s civil rights, is this just a coincidence? Especially when free movement of people, that anointed phrase, continues to be greatly restricted between cultures which are most supportive of women’s rights. Thousands of Asian-Muslim migrants, both legal and illegal are in the country, but an Australian family are sent home because the rules were changed after they had arrived.

The cultures where men are most offensive to women are also the cultures where the mechanisms of keeping women subjugated and virtual captive slaves are ubiquitous and rigorously enforced. The situations where women most want, and need to escape are the hardest to escape from.

Mass migration of a particular sort  is being used to turn the clock back for hard fought and still insecure, women’s rights.

The essential in everyone’s life is a living wage. Women are still the lowest paid and marginal employees in the country, their wages barely subsistence. Women have been displaced from the labour force in the largest numbers as they cannot compete with a massive influx of cheap labour, able to work all hours as they are not supporting families.  Having their pay reduced doesn’t mean not taking foreign holidays, it means being reduced to penury. And which women are the lowest paid? Black women.

Yes, we have laws against rape, and child abuse and forced marriage but these have notably not been extensively applied to the huge numbers of migrants who choose to ignore them  These protective laws were lackadaisically applied even to the British population.  When you come to a country you accept being subject to the laws, and should respect the cultural norms.  You do not have a special licence to ignore them because they are not supported by your culture.

Forced marriage and child marriage and honour killings were virtually unknown until the influx of Asian-Muslim migrants and the authorities which have been zealous in prosecuting anyone for saying something culturally insensitive, have not been equally zealous in protecting juvenile females  in Muslim families from being abused, threatened, kidnapped and forced into marriage.

There is an area in the Yemen which the locals call ‘little Birmingham’  because of the large number of British Asian girls  from Birmingham, kidnapped into forced marriages. British citizens  kidnapped overseas into sexual slavery  for decades while the British government did nothing.

But the bigots might be deterred from coming if the laws were equally applied to them. I am not saying that all Muslims are women-haters, but I am saying that many Muslim cultures are extremist in their vile treatment of women. Many Muslims  treat women decently, most notably European Muslims. But Asian cultures in general are noted for their disregard and oppression of women. It seems everybody is protecting Muslims – but only if they are Muslim men. And in the process protecting and extending their obscenely extreme  misogynist practices.

Other Asians say they are tired of being tarred with the same brush. Chinese, Japanese, Malaysians, Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs do not treat women as badly as do Muslim-Asian men. Nor, in general, do European Muslims. The bulk of the problem is Asian and MIddle-Eastern Muslims, the majority of migrants into Europe, a situation which our government has set up with their unwanted meddling in Middle Eastern countries, helping to destabilise states under the pretext of dealing with terrorism and regime change.   Terrorism is the re-tred of weapons of mass destruction.

What is constantly being misrepresented in the propaganda media is that British people (the most tolerant people in the world in my opinion) are racist bigots and afflicted with Islamophobia, which implies a mental illness. No, they are not.  They are British and subscribe to British values and culture which do not include women being slaves within the home, who are expected to put up with being raped, abused, tortured and killed – not only with impunity but with general social approval.  There was a time when some white people had the same view about Blacks.

British people in general, but particularly the women, to not subscribe to being stoned to death for adultery or for having been raped; infant females having their sexual organs mutilated and sewn up to ensure that they will be untarnished goods for marriage the only social role they are permitted; women being slaves to their husband; or forced child marriage.  And being murdered with the approval of their family and community if they show the tiniest iota of wishing to control their own lives. All men were born free, remember? Slavery was outlawed in this country and we do not wish to see the return.

How the authorities have failed to deal with the heinous crimes against women in migrant communities is the outrage, not a few, brave, outspoken British complaining in their quiet, polite way, that this is not acceptable.

There is no Islamophobia.  It is a propaganda invention. But there is wholesale, huge, outrageous Asian-Muslim misogyny, which goes far beyond simply a bad attitude to women, but extends to mutilation of infants, forced child slave marriage arranged by kidnapping if necessary, mass female subjugation, effectively slaves in their own homes. and murder for any woman or juvenile female who tries to escape,  all with the approval and complicity of the community which uses its resources to hunt down women who run away.

It seems Muslim-Asian misogynists can have things all their own way.  They are unimpeded in their crimes against women, while at the same time complain loudly about discrimination and a bad attitude to them.  Sometimes people deserve a bad attitude, depending on their behaviour. Under their own laws, wouldn’t they be stoned to death for adultery? So they can freely break our laws, while being free from any penalty from their own.

Thousands of British children were groomed, seduced and conscripted into prostitution by criminal Muslim-Asian gangs for decades while the police took no action despite the situation repeatedly being brought to their attention by parents and teachers. Thousands! Over decades! And the police knew what was going on. And they did nothing.  If that is not complicity what is?  And why has a section of the population seemingly become exempt from our laws?

The women-haters in our own country could not get away with mutilating female infants, forcing young girls under the age of consent into a marriage with a man who chooses them but they have no right to refuse, or keeping women in the home as slaves, but they can insert these norms into British culture with mass migrations from cultures that do, and conflate racism with opposition to the practices of a different culture which are grotesque crimes here, which even in our own worst days of female oppression, never occurred.