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Nahuel, a member of Straight Edge, now a year kidnapped by the State

Another sick joke by the neo/fascist Spanish rulers to jail indefinitely. isolate and torture a young anti/nazi and anti drugs idealist while letting without trial Another sick joke by the neo/fascist Spanish rulers… to jail indefinitely without trial, isolate and torture a young anti fascist and anti drugs activist and vegan.  The charges are nonsense, Straight Edge is the opposite of criminal or terrorist. Nahuel is incarcerated because he was the only one to sign a complaint against police brutality to Amnesty International with his real name. It is the police and courts that are criminal, controlled by the same old Spanish Right, wallowing in corruption with impunity and still denying their Spanish Holocaust.

Nahuel is a member of Straight Edge in Madrid, a group that advocates  anti speciesism, veganism and anti-fascism, he was charged with “belonging to a criminal organization with terrorist aims” and is still awaiting trial.   by  Pablo Fernández FernándezRevolución Real Ya ‏@RRYrevolucion Jan 19View translation Lyon: Graffiti en apoyo al presx anarcovegano Nahuel, detenido en Madrid por sus actividades políticas #StraightEdge Anarcofeminismoenpdf, Ecoanarquismo en pdf,
 On 4th Nov Nahuel suffered an…

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