WebInvestigator.KK.org - by F. Kaskais

by Stephen D Foster Jr

Are you a fascist? Many people are fascists and they don’t even realize it. And sometimes, they know it all too well, but hide and deny it. Most of the time though, it’s obvious who the fascists are. For instance, you might be a fascist if…

1.You believe in rule by the few, in which a few powerful wealthy people control how the country is governed and decide what the population as a whole can or cannot do, often making rules that infringe upon the personal liberties of others just because you believe a certain way.

2. You are obsessed with national power and pride and believe your country doesn’t have to follow the rules and shouldn’t ever apologize for doing things that are wrong. You think your nation can do whatever it wants without criticism or consequence.

3. You consider homosexuality, birth…

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