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Two sobering stories from the charnel house that is Mexico, where the government literally knows where the bodies are buried — and, in at least one case — attempts to conceal the grisly truth.

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More than 600 buried in mass grave near Torreon

Torreon, where more that 600 were buried in a mass grave.Torreon, where more that 600 were buried in a mass grave.

First from RT:

Remains of more than 600 bodies were unearthed from what may become Mexico’s largest mass grave found to date, according to local media. It was discovered near Torreon, one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

The gruesome find was made in a 16-hectare paddock in San Pedro, near the city of Torreon, according to Notimundo news outlet, citing Grupo VIDA, an NGO representing the relatives of missing persons.

The bones, teeth, clothing, and footwear of more than 600 victims were found lying in the site…

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