A Word in Your Ear

We all know how people fail.  The answers when we ask ourselves the question are immediate.  It starts in childhood with children who do exactly what their parents and teachers told them not to do.  Children who are contrary, refuse to learn and are disruptive.

It continues in the teens when children seem to revert to the pre-moral condition of toddlers, rejecting all authority, becoming egocentrically pleasure focused, disdaining school work and the sensible advice from parents about avoiding sexual activity and drugs.

Then the university student stereotype kicks in.  Students whose last objective is to study, opting instead for a hedonist lifestyle, sex and drugs and rock ‘n roll.

This is then followed by the lazy work-shy adult.

Yes.  We know why people fail.  It is their own fault.  Their own shortcomings. Their own bad choices.

But what is missing from this picture? You see it is only when…

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