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10 Surprising Things Magnetic Fields Do To Your Brain

by Mark Whittington

With so many devices, including MRIs, putting out electromagnetic energy, people are naturally concerned about what effect they might have on the human body. Could an electromagnetic field kill or harm us?

A blog called Gravity and Levity (1) that delves into physics and other science stuff examined the problem. It turns out that an electromagnetic field of about 100,000 Teslas strength would be sufficient to disintegrate the human body by distorting its atoms. The good news is that the nearest thing that would put out such a field would be a neutron star.

Electromagnetic fields of lesser strength can do strange things to the human nervous system, interfering with the electrochemical firing of the nerves that send signals from the brain to other parts of the body. According to a 1962 study cited by a previous Top Secret Writer piece (2), low levels of electromagnetic energy…

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