Tales from the Conspiratum

“A tax haven in the middle of a dense network of havens created for the super rich to avoid the taxes the rest of us must pay.”

Source: While You Pay Taxes, the Rich Hide Their Money In This City To Avoid Paying Theirs


Michaela Whitton
April 14th, 2016

(ANTIMEDIA) United Kingdom — The City of London has long been known as a tax bolt-hole, facilitating money laundering, welcoming dirty money, and turning a blind eye to the investment of dodgy foreign capital. Long before the Panama Papers leak and its resulting embarrassment, stampedes to buy property in the British capital eliminated locals from the market. Last year’s reports highlighting the purchase of over £100bn worth of London property by foreign investors through shady offshore firms were met with little more than sighs and apathy.

In contrast, the leaked documents linked to Panamanian law firm…

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