Secret Stalking Cult

The Controller had his farmer hat on.  He smiled at the appropriateness of the idea.  After all, it was human cattle he was dealing with.

The method was derived from stock breeding.  When a farmer wanted a bull to mate with a particular cow, it was first presented with a teaser – a female cow on heat to make sure that the bull would respond.  Then at the last minute the teaser was snatched away and the bull presented with the cow the farmer wished mated.

The Controller had a whole barn of teasers at his disposal.  But which would be most appropriate for his bull?

The bull was African.  Middle class, religious, totally respectable.  His problem was he was too intelligent.  Too dedicated.  Obviously a man who would go far given the chance.  It was up to the Controller to take that chance away.

The cow – well, she…

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