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Anonymous hacker faces 16 years in prison, while Steubenville rapists walk free

Source: rt.com

An Anonymous hacker who helped expose the gang rape of a teenage girl in Steubenville, Ohio, is facing up to 16 years in prison, but her attackers are already roaming free.

Deric Lostutter pled not guilty to four felony counts of hacking on Wednesday, with three covered under the Reagan-era Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

It’s the same law used to go after Reddit founder Aaron Swartz for downloading academic papers. Swartz later committed suicide at age 26.

Lostutter and his defense team accused the judge of seeking to make an example of the white hat activist.

He hacked the high school’s football sports fan site Roll Red Roll and found evidence of the 2012 rape and subsequent boasting by the perpetrators who shared footage with friends.

“You get 16 years for forcibly entering your way into a computer, but you get one year for forcibly entering your…

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