eats shoots 'n leaves

Here at esnl, we’ve come to the conclusion that the United States has already become a fascist nation. Period.

If you accept the definition of Benito Mussolini, the man who made fascism part of our lexicon, then by all available evidence, the United States is a fascist country, when corporate and state power have been fused.

The characteristic of the modern fascist state include an explicitly exclusionary society, a rejection of egalitarianism, an ongoing demand for ideological purity, suppression of dissidence and social deviance, an embrace of technological modernism, the cults of the hero and the nation, the focus of justifiable anxieties on alien others, ongoing surveillance of the populace, social darwinism, public spectacle, and an unquestioning submission to the imperium of a quasi-mystical cult of The Leader [e.g. Il Duce or Der Fuhrer].

In practical terms, fascism represents the fusion of corporate, military, and political power and…

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