If you missed this it is worth a look. Sellafield (Windscale) is leaking, is undermanned and those in charge say it is completely safe.
I wonder if the government has considered how their permission for fracking all over the north of England might interact with a leaking power station?

Cumbria Trust

Cumbria Trust has been campaigning to improve the secure interim storage facilities on the Sellafield site since its foundation.  Progress has been made over the last few years, but the risks from the site remain intolerable according to the Public Accounts Committee.  Some of the higher activity wastes cannot begin burial for over one hundred years, so whether or not these ultimately end up in a deep repository, we need action now to reduce the risks faced by Cumbrians.

BBC Panorama on Monday evening examines the current state of Sellafield, and unlike the rather weak recent BBC4 programme with Jim Al-Khalili, this promises to be a more honest study of Sellafield instead of just the approved corporate view.   The BBC have spoken to former staff and a whistle-blower.   We would encourage our supporters to watch the programme on Monday, or catch it on iPlayer afterwards.

Panorama: Sellafield’s Nuclear Safety Failings is on at 8.30pm on…

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