Tales from the Conspiratum

You won’t see the chains because modern slavery doesn’t work like that.

Source: What does modern slavery look like?


Gary Craig

Emeritus Professor of Social Justice, University of Hull

July 14, 2016

The government, which introduced legislation banning modern slavery last year, thinks there may be up to 13,000 people held in modern slavery across the UK. But many believe this is a serious underestimate.

You may be surprised to hear slavery still exists, thinking it has long been abolished, but the truth is it never went away. Traditional versions of slavery have morphed into forced prostitution, cannabis farming and labour exploitation, which are now being seen in both “developing” and so-called “developed” countries.

Forced labour is one of the most common forms of modern slavery, and is found in many sectors across the UK, including agriculture, food production, construction, fishing and leisure and hospitality.


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