Secret Stalking Cult

The kids in question being my parents great-grand-children, my sister’s grandchildren.

I have been estranged from my sister for a lifetime.  With 6 years between us we did not have much in common as children.  When I was 1, she was seven.  When I was seven she was 13.  When I was thirteen she left home to go to teacher training college.

On top of that we were chalk and cheese.  She never stopped talking.  I am quiet.  I was interested in everything, providing it was active, creative or intelligent.  She was interested in – talking.  When I went to school I discovered other children were more like my sister – stupid, whiny, and talking non-stop garbage, than my parents, both rather quiet people but very intelligent, constructive and interesting.    At 7 I had concluded that there is no peace in a house with children in it, and spent…

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