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Five-day walkout commences:

The disastrous consequences of privatised railway has led to calls for the entire network and in particular Southern Rail to pass quickly back into Public ownership just as Jeremy Corbyn recently made the call. This is the biggest and most significant rail strike for 30 years or more.

Teresa May has occupied the space of the neo-liberal chorus of maintaining or switching private ownership of franchises instead of the public demand that it should be re-nationalised. The consequences for the economy in the South and connection to the Capital and southern cities are big political stakes in this post Brexit world, demanding that infrastructure must be bolstered and productivity increased. The connection with the airport at Gatwick is of key importance.

The prime minister “strongly condemns” a five-day strike disrupting services for hundreds of thousands of Southern passengers, Downing Street has said.

Hundreds of trains have been cancelled in a row over plans…

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