Benefit tales

This is from Taxpayers against Poverty

During the passage of the Welfare Reform and Work Act 2016 I made this evidence available to Government and Opposition MPs and Peers.  It was used in the debates but belittled government. Dr Angela Donkin very helpfully prepared it for TAP.

We have repeatedly asked for research into the cumulative impact on health of freezing benefit increases, cutting housing and council tax benefits, and stopping incomes for one month, three months or three years and consequent debts.

National and local government ignore scientific evidence that living in hardship on benefits damages health.

Not having enough money impacts on health

Dr Angela Donkin, Deputy Director at the Institute of Health Equity

a. Homelessness. There were 280000 cases in 2014 (Fitzpatrick et al, 2015). The homeless are more likely to die at any age than housed contemporaries. They are 35 more times more likely to commit suicide and , twice as likely…

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