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Meeting in Liskeard, Cornwall, July 30, 2016, organised by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell to discuss the economy

Recently there has been much said and written speculating that changes in economic policy will signal the end of austerity. Opposition to neo-liberal austerity was a central underlying issue in the recent referendum and the tone of various developments since the result is an acknowledgement of that. What is going to facilitate charting the path to ending austerity is human-centred economic thinking based on the recognition of the role of the working class in creating social wealth, and opposing capital-centred thinking in which the working class has no role but to be a cost of production or a drain on the Treasury.

During the Conservative leadership campaign, Theresa May’s rival Andrea Leadsom promised “prosperity not austerity” while May herself, before becoming Prime Minister, had said that the government would no longer try to…

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