My comment I would have preferred to put at the end of this article as it is slightly off topic, but the computer would not allow me to comment. This is not just a problem in the USA. Consider the London flat. An ordinary sized room (at a relatively cheap rent) converted into a one bed flat by making ensuite and putting a wall down the middle. You are now paying double the rent for living in two small cupboards. £800pcm upwards. Where can you downsize to when you were living in just one room in the first place?

The consumer dream of minimalism and living small has nothing to do with my family — 5 people in a 1-bedroom home

If you go to Amazon and click the Crafts, Hobbies & Home category of books, you’ll notice two trends: 1) decluttering and 2) tiny-house living. The latter may have been jump-started by ‘Tiny House, Big Living’ on HGTV, but it is now a craze — a movement of people downsizing to live in homes no bigger than a child’s tree house. Within this crusade, there are smaller spin-off TV shows, endless self-help resources and even builders who have given up traditional home building to focus on minimalistic construction.

I’m familiar with the trend. A year ago, we bought a 900-square-foot ranch-style home on a slab. It’s one level, void of a second floor, attic, or basement. The Tiny Life blog states, “The…

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