Tales from the Conspiratum

“If I asked you what is the most corrupt place on Earth you might tell me well it’s Afghanistan, maybe the South of Italy and I will tell you it’s the U.K.”

Source: Mafia Expert Reveals Which Country Is the “Most Corrupt on Earth”


Michaela Whitton

June 1, 2016

United Kingdom — When someone who has spent more than a decade exposing the criminal underbelly of the Italian mafia calls a country the “most corrupt on earth,” it’s time to sit up and listen. This is precisely what happened in the U.K. this week during a world-renowned mafia expert’s rare and historic appearance at a literary festival.

Author and journalist Roberto Saviano has lived under police protection since he publicly spilled the beans on Italy’s gangsters in 2006.  In the eyes of the gangs, the 36-year-old’s crime is his best-selling book, Gomorrah, which exposes the Camorra…

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