46823364-_dsc408001 Kennedy ‘arrested’ by Icelandic police, 26 July 2005

A leading Icelandic MP, whose party is heading the polls to win the next general election, has stated she is willing to testify regarding the undercover activities of UK spycop Mark Kennedy in Iceland. Significantly, the MP is a member of the environmental organisation that Kennedy infiltrated. The UK Home Office (headed by Theresa May) has refused to consider testimony regarding the activities of UK spycops outside of England and Wales. Parliamentarians from Scotland, Germany and Ireland (north and south)* are demanding that the Pitchford Inquiry into undercover police operations be widened. If their demand remains unmet, that leaves no other choice but the setting up of a Euro-wide Inquiry at a time when Britain is already at odds with the rest of Europe.

UPDATE: A reliable source explains re the above photo that Kennedy helped damage a construction vehicle which then…

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