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I am a critical (Marxist) Phenomenologist when it comes to defining our “social reality”Experience is “evidence”.  Existence is fact, which precedes essence. [Although I am not entirelyepistemologicallypredisposed towards the notion of tabula rasa.]

Max Weber’s principle of Verstehen  is a critical approach in all social sciences, including politics, and we can see the consequences of its absence in the cold, pseudo-positivist approach of the Coalition in the UK. Their policies clearly demonstrate that they lack the capacity to understand, or meaningfully “walk a mile in the shoes of another”. The Coalition treat the population of the UK as objects of their policies and not equal human subjects. They do not serve us or meet our needs, they think that we, the public, serve political needs.

My own starting point is that regardless of any claim towards the merits of value-freedom in any…

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