eats shoots 'n leaves

In a grim account, New York Times scribe Robert Pear spells out some of the specifics of the latest Republican demands, embodied in their version of a new domestic spending bill.

What’s abundantly clear from his report is that the Grand Old Party is waging naked class warfare, crafting a vile package of measures designed to create a permanent, enfeebled underclass while furthering the enshrinement of a permanent overclass of the super wealthy.

Among the provisions of the legislation they propose:

  • Eliminate all funds for the Public Health Service Act’s Title X, effectively ending any federal support for family planning program that currently serves more than five million Americans annually by eliminating funds for 4,500 clinics.
  • Halt all funding for Planned Parenthood.
  • Defund the Obama administrations Race to the Top program to fund public school programs.
  • Eliminate Pell grants to college students who attend colleges and universities less than…

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