QPE 66 1/8/5 identified as missing Special Demonstration Squad (spycops) files

Endemic police corruption and cover-ups of evidence are generally more associated with developing countries, or countries where there is a dictatorship, but in Britain such corruption is rife though handled far better, with the occasional public inquiry as a sop to satisfy a gullible or politically-weary populace. Some of these inquiries have been judge-led; others have been restricted and headed by senior police officers who are expert at hiding the truth. The litany of cover-ups is immense – Birmingham 6, Guildford 4, Hillsborough, Orgreave, the Stephen Lawrence murder, the VIP paedophile allegations, the Kincora/MI5/6 allegations, the Omagh bombing, the Finucane murder, and, of course, the”spycops” scandal. There were many, many more cover-ups. Put simply, it’s all about closing ranks, mutual protection (by police of police) and the ongoing political policing of those individuals and groups who are opposed to…

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