And what are they learning in exchange?

Tales from the Conspiratum

So we have a Royal parasite regime (the Queen) supporting another medieval Royal parasite regime?

Source: PressTV-‘British police training Saudi torturers’

Wed Jun 8, 2016File photo of Saudi police officers
File photo of Saudi police officers

British police are training Saudi officers to use high-tech detection skills despite concerns that they have led to suspects being tortured.

Senior British MPs called Tuesday for the suspension of the controversial program by the College of Policing.

The college has reportedly been teaching Saudi officers finger-printing, forensics and crime scene investigation under a contract signed in 2009.

It now plans to expand the scheme to include cyber security, mobile phone analysis, CCTV systems, voice recognition, DNA use and IT digital forensics, according to internal documents obtained by the BBC and rights group Reprieve.

Reprieve condemned the program, saying the training could help Saudi police target political activists.

“It is scandalous that British police are training Saudi Arabian officers in techniques…

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